Energy Efficiency
Commitment to the planet’s sustainability

Issues such as savings, efficiency, planning or environmental impact are features of any discussion relating to the energy industry. For this reason, Planells is committed to reducing the environmental impact.

PLANELLS carries out energy analyses in order to best adapt services such as: climate control, heating, lighting and the harnessing of solar power; in this way we achieve an optimal performance and considerable energy savings.
We work to combine the Domotics, Climate Control and Solar Hot Water businesses and create the most efficient systems on the market.

Optimal performance and energy savings

Planells offers its clients an energy study of their facilities and systems with the aim of reducing energy consumption and achieving the highest performance of their systems.
We design, calculate and maintain heating systems in a way that they fulfil the technical requirements specified by thermal systems and facilities regulation for buildings (legislation item Real decreto 1027/2007).

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