Comfort, Safety, Energy Efficiency and Design

PLANELLS applies domotics while taking into consideration these four basic principles:

Comfort: the peace of mind of knowing your home is thinking for you.

Security: an important point for preventing robberies, domestic accidents, etc.

Energy efficiency: we take care of the environment by optimizing consumption.

Design: we care for your home’s aesthetics in order to reflect harmony and elegance.

Domotics or Home Automation is the ensemble of systems allowing for the automation of a home by providing energy management services, security, wellness and wireless communication, and in which you control your environment whether or not you are on-site.

Business facility automation is the total integration of elements and services in a building into a single management system.

We transform your office or home
into an intelligent space that works for you”

An investment that will provide you with savings year after year

PLANELLS plans, designs and fits
with the world’s best Brands in Domotics, business automation, and telecommunications while optimizing management and the building’s resources, thus improving quality with the utmost comfort and control over all facilities, while saving at the same time.

We design atmospheres by adjusting to your personal tastes, with a careful aesthetic, discretely integrated in your business or home, is a must for any fitted appliance aiming for a relevant position in the decoration of your space.

We are specialists in the installation of web servers that will allow you to monitor and make changes to the home automation system from anywhere around the world.

We pay special attention to efficiency as well as to the system’s design and flexibility.

Collaborating companies


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