With the quality of Planells

PLANELLS is specialized in air conditioning systems both in homes and in the business or manufacturing sectors, offering the most competitive projects and fitted systems on the market.
"The highest quality, fitting to your real needs”
Our projects are mainly based on the Space/Area System, which is a complement to the air-conditioning system, energy-optimising the entire equipment system. This allows for more complete control of all rooms and spaces, since every room is controlled independently.
We boast the most experienced professionals in the industry, thereby guaranteeing the highest performance and efficiency in the systems without neglecting the client’s safety and comfort. We have as a priority the execution of top-quality projects at an affordable price.

Air conditioning systems in homes and manufacturing sectors

intelligent Systems

Climate & Domotic

We work with the home automation department to offer intelligent climate-control systems and the market’s latest technology.


Design & Comfort

We design environments by adjusting to your personal tastes, with careful aesthetics for discrete integration in your home or business equipment system, a must in any appliance intended for relevant inclusion in the decoration of your space.

Advanced technology


• Malfunction report intercoms
independent from automatic notification to our technical assistance centre
• Actuators via monitoring website.
• Centralised control systems for large facilities.


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